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 Yes, You DO need a Multi-Vitamin
Yes you do need multivitamins

By Jason Barker, with Larissa Long

Believe it or not, the multivitamin debate continues. Every few months or so, some study shows that multivitamins (or supplements in general for that matter) are not necessary.

Those on the anti-multi side of the table argue that you simply don’t need them. First, they claim that eating a well-rounded diet and the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables provides you with all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs, and that multivitamins are only beneficial in those people who have deficiencies. 
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To make finding some of the best Multivitamins a bit easier for you, Dr Georgiou has selected a range of his personal favourites he prescribes in his clinic…..and he only uses the best out there! To make it easier on the pocket too, we are offering some great savings on these multivitamin as well as discounted prices on everything you buy……....

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A to Z Multi
60 Tablets
7.35 25% Off = £5.51
Lamberts® A-Z Multi is a one-a-day formula providing all of the most important micronutrients.
Multi Guard for Kids
100 Tablets
£10.95 25% Off = £8.21
Multi-Guard® for Kids remains one of the best children’s formulas available in the UK!
Multi Max
60 Tablets
£14.50 25% Off = £10.88
Healthy doses of vitamin D, vitamin B12 and the trace elements zinc and selenium.
Extend One
60 Capsules
 £25.58 30% Off = £17.91
Want to cover the basics in a single capsule? Or are you looking for a foundation to build on? Extend One is perfect for you...
Liquid Multi
32 Servings
£35.55 30% Off = £24.89
Liquid Multi is a perfect blending of the best of nature and science. This great tasting supplement includes a natural blend of 6 berries..
Womens Essentials
180 Capsules
£36.95 30% Off = £25.87
Support a busy lifestyle with the good nutrition in Women’s Essentials
HMD Multi's
120 Capsules
£29.87 25% Off = £22.40
HMD Multis were formulated by Dr Georgiou to provide you with the optimum amounts of vitamins and minerals in a daily dose
Optimum Silver
Includes additional nutrients for them mature years
180 Capsules
£38.35 35% Off = £24.93
Optimum Silver is a multinutrient formula that includes additional select nutrients for optimal health in mature years
60 Tablets
£7.75 25% Off = £5.81
Lithium Orotate is a trace mineral that helps to boost and balance your moods.



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