This syndrome includes impairment in perception, conceptualization, language, memory, and motor skills; decreased attention span; increased impulsivity and emotionality; and usually, not always, hyperactivity. Often a misdiagnosis can occur due to a diet low in magnesium or a diet overly dependent on simple carbohydrates, which produces similar symptoms. If you are looking for any products to relieve any of these symptoms, please refer to our product suggestions as listed below.

Dietary Strategy:
A high protein, moderate fat, low carbohydrate, sugar-free diet may be beneficial. Include vegetables, especially dark green leafy ones. Eliminate caffeine.

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HMD Ultimate Detox Package

The Complete Pack - 3 Bottles (1 of each)

This is a detoxification package that has been scientifically formulated to work effectively with heavy metal toxicity in sensitive individuals such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, MS and other neurological disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candida and more. All these disorders should use such a detox package as it contains the following:

Price: 105.00
L-Tyrosine 500mg

Tyrosine is considered a non-essential amino acid because the body can make it from phenylalanine. It is important to brain nutrition because it is a precursor of the neurotransmitters - dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline. It also acts as a precursor for certain hormones, including thyroxine and for the major human pigment melanin.

Price: 10.79

Proanthocyanidins are known to have significant antioxidant effects
Pycnogenol® is an extract from the bark of the Maritime Pine. Proanthocyanidins, a sub-group of the flavonoid family of plant compounds, are the key constituents in Pycnogenol® and are known to have significant antioxidant effects. Each capsule provides a full 40mg of Pycnogenol® making it one of the most potent pine bark extract products on the market.

Price: 24.96
5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan)

Supporting healthy moods, promoting satiety & enhancing sleep quality
5-Hydroxytryptophan is a nutritional supplement for supporting healthy moods, promoting satiety, and enhancing sleep quality. Since all three of these areas are linked to an imbalance of serotonin and/or melatonin, 5-HTP has been shown to help by increasing production of those two crucial neurotransmitters in the human body. In fact, numerous studies on 5-HTP have been published since 1966, and several double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials have demonstrated the benefits of 5-HTP in promoting healthy moods.*

Price: 31.95
Summit DHA Wileys Finest 125ml

Provides 2600mg of DHA + EPA per teaspoon 2140mg of DHA & 460mg of EPA Triglyceride form omega-3 liquid Natural lime flavor Supports brain, eye, and nerve health* May reduce the risk of heart disease*

Price: 24.99
Melatonin Spray 1 mg
Good for those who tend to wake in the night or early hours; Has immediate absorption; Effects last for several hours.
Price: 16.60
Valeriana tincture (Valerian)

Valeriana tincture is an extract of organically grown fresh Valeriana officinalis. This herb has been held in high esteem from the Middle Ages and is also known as All Heal.

Price: 7.64
L-Tyrosine 500mg

L-Tyrosine supports the synthesis of the brains neurotransmitters, supporting cognitive and physical performance.

Price: 20.21
PS100 Capsules

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a natural phospholipid that is an essential component of cell membranes; promoting brain function.

Price: 35.96
PS100 Softgels

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a naturally occurring phospholipid and is a component of cell membranes. Phosphatidylserine promotes brain function.

Price: 40.00