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Purified Water Systems

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Each and every water filtration system available for purchase from Best 4 Pure Water is of the highest operational quality and uses the latest technology to remove impurities and unwanted hard elements from your water. You wil also find a range of Water Softeners to eliminate the 'Hard Water' found in most of the South East of the UK as well as many other countries.

Water which contains a lot of dissolved calcium or magnesium is referred to as 'Hard Water'. Hard water causes scale to form on the inside of pipes, in water heaters, kettles, sinks and so forth. The scale overtime builds up and reduces the flow of water, eventually pipes can become completely blocked. Hard water also reacts with soap reducing its ability to lather, forming an undesirable sticky scum. With a Water Softener the calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with sodium ions. Sodium does not stick to the pipes creating scale, neither does it react badly with soap. Energy consumption will be reduced, just 1.6mm of scale increases energy bills by 12% per annum, even current scale contamination will re-dissolve over a short period of time. A Water Softener will cut the use of detergents and cleaning agents up to 70%, clothes will last longer washed in soft water, your skin will be softer, it will aid skin allergies such as eczema, there will be no scale and scum deposits, and no need for specific remedies such as Calgon tablets for washing machines or salt for the dishwasher.


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