Kidney/Urinary Support

We have many products designed to support these two subjects. In particular the Cranberry based products - designed to maintain the health of the urinary tract. We also provide formulas, including the ‘The Kidney Support Formula’ by VRP -  which contain unique combinations of nutrients to help promote optimal kidney structure and function.

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Beetroot Extract

Good levels of bioavailable forms of iron & trace minerals
Beetroot contains good levels of bioavailable forms of iron and trace minerals. This product can be used as a gentle food-form iron and trace minerals supplement. May be especially useful during pregnancy. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, pregnant women & breastfeeding mothers.

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Price: £13.40
Potassium Ascorbate

A readily available source of vitamin C & potassium
Potassium Ascorbate provides a readily available source of vitamin C and potassium. Potassium Ascorbate occurs naturally in fruits and is also found in human breast milk. It is a non-citrus, low irritant form of vitamin C. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

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Price: £18.10

Amino sugars are components of all body tissues
Amino sugars are components of all body tissues including those which holds cells together. NAG forms cartilage, ligaments and tendons forming an important substrate in the connective tissues lining the intestinal tract and musculoskeletal system. Suitable for children & the elderly.

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Price: £23.25
NEF 242

A combination of plants & nutrients
A combination of plants and nutrients such as alfalfa, parsley and acerola cherry extract. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

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Price: £22.85
Celery Seed

One of Nature's super-herbs!
Celery seed extract is used in the treatment of arthritis and gout, muscle spasm, to calm nerves, and to reduce inflammation, however it is primarily used as a diuretic, stimulating urine production and therefore assisting in the elimination of excess fluid.
Provides 500mg of celery seed extract per capsule equivalant to 5g of powder. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

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Price: £11.00
Concentrated Cranberry

May assist in maintaining urinary tract health
Provides a high level of the active components of fresh cranberry which may assist in maintaining the health of the urinary tract. It is a sugar-free, vacuum packed powder that mixes with water. Vitamin C and lactic acid bacteria are also added. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, pregnant women & breastfeeding mothers.

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Price: £21.95
Cranberry Complex

Approximately 25 grams of fresh cranberries are used to produce just 1 gram of our concentrate so just one teaspoon of this delicious powder is equivalent to up to 12 typical cranberry tablets sold in many high street shops.

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Price: £12.50
Cranberry Plus

May assist in maintaining the health of the urinary tract
Provides a high level of the active components of fresh cranberry which may assist in maintaining the health of the urinary tract. This one a day capsule also contains vitamin C and lactic acid bacteria to support the effectiveness of the product. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, pregnant women & breastfeeding mothers.

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Price: £10.50
Aloe Gold Cherry/Cranberry

High potency, whole leaf
Made from fresh, whole Aloe leaves, using gentle technology that extracts up to 20 times more vital nutrients (and not reconstituted from powder, like most Aloe juice and gels). Aloe Gold provides up to 18,000 MPS (polysaccharides) per litre and 300% (3:1) Aloe. Only plants grown under organic conditions are used. Few aloe juices provide more than 1,500! Aloe is rich in sulphur and 200 other nutrients. It helps to maintain healthy digestion, provides important nutrients to the cells lining the gut and helps maintain healthy skin and immune function. Deliciously flavoured with 7% unsprayed Cherry and Cranberry juices. Cranberries are known to help support the urinary tract.

Pack Size: 485ml liquid (vegan)
Price: £26.45

Blueberries, blackberries & black cherries
Consists of concentrated flavonoids from blueberries, black cherries and blackberries as well as celery seed. The flavonoids help maintain the integrity of collagen in skin and blood vessel walls. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

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Price: £22.15
Potassium Citrate

Potassium is needed to regulate water
Potassium is needed to regulate water and acidity levels in the body and for neuromuscular function. Potassium Citrate provides potassium ions naturally bonded to citric acid. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, pregnant women & breastfeeding mothers.

  • Potassium helps regulate the fluid and acid/alkaline balance in the body.
  • Potassium is required in protein synthesis and helps the body deal with metabolic end by-products.
  • Potassium may be required by individuals taking diuretics.
  • Potassium stimulates peristalsis, the muscle reflex in the intestines and stomach.
  • Potassium is required for nerve transmission and heart rhythm.
  • Potassium assists with oxygen transportation to the brain.
  • Potassium citrate requires little acidification prior to absorption.


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Price: £9.35
Cranberry 300mg

phytoFRESH Cranberry
Cranberry is best known for its potential role in maintaining a healthy urinary tract. Research also suggests that cranberries may have the highest concentration of antioxidant phenols of any common fruit. The Cranberry in this product is phytoFRESH; fresh freeze dried to protect and retain the plants potency, biochemical integrity and enzymatic activity. In fact, the biochemical profile of a fresh freeze dried plant, very closely resembles the profile of the original fresh plant, but in a much greater concentration.

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Price: £9.99

Promotes prostate, urinary health & cholesterol levels*
Promote health and function of your prostate gland with ProstaCol®. A strong offense is the best defense and that is particularly true for prostate health. Solid evidence and select ingredients make ProstaCol the best choice for men over the age of 50. Clinical research indicates the nutrients in ProstaCol promote and maintain urinary health. Specifically, they: increase peak flow, ease urgency, reduce frequency and lessen nighttime interruptions. Beta-sitosterol is also known for its ability to lower cholesterol levels; just another benefit.

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Price: £50.34

Vesteva™ is an herbal formula designed to support healthy bladder tone and bladder function. Most commonly, it is post-menopausal women, child-bearing women and some men who seek support for healthy bladder control.*

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Price: £62.34
D-Mannose Plus

Natural treatment for urinary tract infections
D-mannose is a naturally occurring simple sugar, closely related to glucose. D-Mannose Plus combines d-mannose with cranberry extract to enhance its effectiveness.

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Price: £50.34
Dandelion tincture (Taraxacum)

Made from freshly harvested Dandelion root and herb. The Dandelion root and leaves have been used for centuries in healthcare.

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Price: £9.17

Golden Grass Tea is a refreshing drink that will help cleanse, detox and refresh your system, from the inside; helping to remove impurities from the body.

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Price: £4.19
Solidago Complex tincture

Solidago Complex tincture is a botanical food supplement; a combination of four herbs which work synergistically in the body. The main use of Solidago (Solidago virgaurea) is to help maintain the health of the urinary tract.

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Price: £9.17
Uva-ursi Complex tincture

Uva-ursi Complex is a combination of two distinctive herbs – Arctostaphylos uva-ursi and Echinacea purpurea; used to help maintain the health of the bladder and urinary tract.

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Price: £9.17
Cranberry Intensive

Cranberry Intensive is a unique formulation for women; containing a combination of cranberry, potassium salts, probiotics and hibiscus extract, along with vitamin C.

Pack Size: 6 x 10g sachets (vegan)
Price: £16.55
Ultra Cranberry 1000® Sustained Release Tablets

Ultra Cranberry 1000 is the highest quality cranberry supplement ever formulated. Just one sustained release tablet supplies an unprecedented 1,000 mg of pure cranberry juice solids.

Pack Size: 60 veg caps
Price: £17.94
Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan

Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan is an advanced triple action formula containing cranberry extract, live bacteria and Vitamin A.

Lifestyle changes, stress, medicines and disease can sometimes deplete our beneficial gut bacteria, allowing E.coli to become established and cause infections. These infections can damage mucous membranes which line the urinary tract. Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan is a triple action formula scientifically developed with cranberry extract (36mg PACs), two specifically selected live bacteria strains and Vitamin A which contrinutes to the normal function of the immune system and the maintenance of mucous membranes which can be found lining the urinary tract.

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Price: £14.95
Cran Clearance

Cranberries contain unique phenolic compounds possessing an Anti-Adherence Factor that helps to maintain the health of the urinary tract (uroepithelial cells).

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Price: £28.19

Flow-Less contains a special combination of pumpkin seed extract and soy isoflavones that has been shown to support healthy bladder function, help reduce occasional urinary urgency, and promote sleep satisfaction.*

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Price: £26.65
Cranberry Tablets 18,750mg

Cranberry juice is very sharp to the taste and consequently many commercial cranberry drinks are often laden with sugar and high in calories. A more convenient way to take cranberries is in the form of tablets.

Pack Size:
Price: £10.95
Molybdenum Glycinate

An important trace mineral cofactor for sulfite metabolism

  • beneficial for individuals with sulfite sensitivity*
  • promotes liver detoxification*
  • made without flowing agents that can inhibit bioavailability


Pack Size:
Price: £20.09
Mushroom Optimizer

Mushroom Optimizer® is a superior blend of 7 mushroom species grown on organic brown rice. The mushrooms are specifically selected to complement each other by providing a spectrum of polysaccharides to support the immune system, cell function and endurance.

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Price: £25.50

Cranberry capsules contain CranRich™. CranRich™ is the perfect alternative to drinking cranberry juice, without the sour taste, added sugar or calories of juice. Cranberries naturally contain antioxidants.

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Price: £24.50
Prostate Optimizer

Prostate Optimizer® combines traditional and cutting edge nutrients associated with prostate health.

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Price: £41.34