Blood Sugar Support

We can supply many natural formulas as detailed below to support blood sugar levels and diabetes.  Consider Chromium as this is shown to promote healthy energy levels as will as promoting healthy glucose tolerance. Optimum D, a multi-nutrient blend, is also specially formulated with an emphasis on nutrients to help support healthy blood glucose levels

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Zinc Citrate

Zinc is essential for many vital enzymatic processes
Research shows that zinc is one of the most important nutrients involved in maintaining skin, hormonal, immune and reproductive health. BioCare’s Zinc Citrate utilises the well absorbed citrate form of zinc to enhance absorption. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, pregnant women & breastfeeding mothers.

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Price: £9.90

Key nutrients involved in managing glucose levels
The low GI diet aims to reduce or regulate blood sugar levels for sustained energy and fat metabolism. SucroGuard® is a blend of key nutrients involved in managing glucose levels and ensuring the cells are provided with energy. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

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Price: £21.00
Nutrisorb Chromium

Chromium levels may decline with increasing age
Nutrisorb liquid minerals are ideal for those with absorption difficulties or for those who have difficulty swallowing tablets. Nutrisorb Chromium is a bio-available yeast-free form of chromium. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers & veterinary use.

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Price: £18.75

May assist in maintaining normal cholesterol levels
Cholesterase provides vitamin B3, bromelain and beta sitosterol. These nutrients in conjunction with a low fat diet, may assist in maintaining normal cholesterol levels. Cholesterase also contains chromium which is involved in glucose metabolism. Suitable for vegetarians.

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Price: £17.60
Cinnulin PF & chromium picolinate
Cinnachrome combines chromium picolinate and Cinnulin PF, a concentrated extract of cinnamon. Suitable for use by those following a low GL diet. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.
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Price: £17.45
GL Support
Provides supplementary support for a low GL diet
As recommended by Patrick Holford. Contains Garcinia Cambogia (tamarind fruit) & 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan). Chromium polynicotinate provides chromium and niacin which may assist the body’s management of fats and carbohydrates. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.
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Price: £29.95
GTF Chromium (as Picolinate)

An essential trace mineral that helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels. This product supplies chromium in the form of picolinate, as studies show that this is well absorbed.

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Price: £10.99
Zinc 25mg (as Citrate)

Lamberts® Zinc 25mg is an ideal supplement for long term use and the citrate form of zinc is known to be readily absorbed. These small easy to swallow tablets are made in the UK to pharmaceutical GMP standards.

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Price: £7.95
Chromium Complex

This is a one-a-day formula that provides chromium, an essential nutrient that contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

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Price: £10.99
Chromium 200µg

Helps supports normal glucose metabolism.

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Price: £7.45
Premenstrual Complex

Hormonal balance
PreMenstrual Complex provides nutrients that work together to help maintain balanced hormones and healthy glucose metabolism in the days leading up to menstruation. Contains nutrients to support the digestion, nervous system and energy levels. Also provides vitamins and minerals to help reduce cravings. Starflower Oil and True Food® Natural Vitamin E are also recommended.

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Price: £10.49
True Food® GTF Chromium

For healthy glucose & lipid metabolism
When blood sugar runs low, appetite is generated and, when it is high, the body lays down more fat. Here we provide the full organic molecule of bio-transformed™ GTF (glucose tolerance factor) Chromium, plus co-factors which support insulin action and maintain healthy carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. A True Food® Supernutrition Plus multivitamin is also recommended.

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Price: £11.60
Multi-Guard® Control

Blood sugar control nutrients
Multi-Guard® Control has been formulated specially to help the body maintain a more even balance of its energy reserves between meals. The formula provides 26 nutrients at relevant levels including per daily dose, 200µg of GTF chromium which is probably the better known of all the blood sugar (glucose) control nutrients. Also included is magnesium since it is a component of many enzymes involved in the breakdown of blood sugar and acts as a ‘secondary messenger’ for the activity of insulin at the cellular membrane level.

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Price: £21.95
Chromium 200ug Complex

(Magnifood is a scientifically advanced innovation)
The element chromium is a naturally-occurring mineral. Chromium picolinate is a nutritional supplement, formed by the combination of chromium and picolinic acid. Chromium picolinate has been found to be helpful in enhancing insulin function, helping with fat loss by reducing food cravings and appetite, aiding with muscle mass production, reducing cholesterol levels and helping to combat acne. This nutritional product has also been enhanced with its own synergistic complex of botanicals and phytonutrient-rich foods, called MAGNIFOOD. Magnifood ingredients are combined in a manner which enhances the body's biochemical environment, in order to maximise the potential benefits of the product's ingredients.

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Price: £8.75
Benfotiamine 150mg

A synthetic fat-soluble form of thiamine (Vitamin B1)
Benfotiamine (technically known as s-benzoylthiamine-o-monophosphate) is a synthetic fat-soluble form of thiamine (Vitamin B1). It is highly effective at increasing plasma and cellular levels of thiamine diphosphate (TDP). TDP is the metabolically active coenzyme form of B1. Human, animal and cell studies show that benfotiamine reduces formation of advanced glycosylation end products. (AGEs) that crosslink body proteins such as collagen, rendering them structurally and functionally ineffective. AGE’s increase with high blood sugar and aging, and are involved in the pathogenesis of many of the diseases of aging, including atherosclerosis, arthritis, and cataracts.

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Price: £23.94

Biotin (Vitamin H)
Vitamin H, or biotin, assists in the metabolism of fatty acids and utilization of B-vitamins. Biotin is essential for gluconeogenesis (glycogen synthesis) and for fatty acid synthesis.

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Price: £23.94

Supporting healthy blood sugar levels
GluControl™ is a clinically formulated blend of nutrients designed to be used along with a balanced diet to support healthy blood sugar levels.* Vitamin C (fat and water soluble forms); natural vitamin E (both d-alpha and mixed tocopherol); N-acetyl-cysteine, the ‘ready-to-work’ form of the amino acid cysteine and the proven plant favorite, quercetin, provide widespread cellular protection. These antioxidant nutrients protect healthy blood vessels and promote circulation and capillary integrity. The standardized herbal extracts of cinnamon (CinSulin®), bitter melon and goats rue, help maintain metabolic balance. These herbs have been used for centuries and, more recently, boast positive results in clinical research trials. And vanadium, from vanadyl sulfate, continues to be investigated for its metabolic role as a trace mineral.*

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Price: £49.95
Cinnamon Extract, CinSulin®

Developed with assistance from Dr. Richard Anderson
CinSulin® is a water soluble cinnamon extract, developed with assistance from noted cinnamon researcher Dr. Richard Anderson. The makers of CinSulin® recommend a total daily intake of 250mg.

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Price: £28.95
Extension Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a phytonutrient found in the skin of red grapes, in red wine, in Japanese knotweed, and also in cocoa powder, baking chocolate, dark chocolate, peanuts, and mulberry skin in low levels. It occurs naturally in two forms: cis-resveratrol and trans-resveratrol. Trans-resveratrol is much more bioactive and clinically beneficial than cis-resveratrol. As a cutting-edge nutritional supplement, resveratrol has seen great success in a number of studies in mice and rats; it has anti-inflammatory properties, supports healthy blood sugar levels, and greatly benefits the cardiovascular system.

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Price: £37.26
Samento® Extract

Supporting immune function & blood sugar
Samento is a proprietary extract of Uncaria tomentosa, also known as Cat’s Claw, in an easy-to-take, full-spectrum liquid extract. It’s the pentacyclic (POA) form of Cat’s Claw that has been shown to support immune function, and Samento delivers these pentacyclic constituents, certified free of TOA (tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids).* Samento also contains a variety of triterpenes and polyphenols, which demonstrate powerful immune modulating and blood sugar-balancing abilities. Liquid Samento Extract has also been proven to be an effective inflammation balancer in a number of studies.

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Price: £56.34

GlucoFit™ is an extract of the herb Lagerstroemia speciosa L., processed by water extraction and standardized to 1% corosolic acid. Corosolic acid, the active triterpenoid, is involved with glucose and carbohydrate metabolism.*

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Price: £19.25
L-Glutamine 1000mg

L-Glutamine Easy-Solv® Tablets. L-Glutamine - the most abundant amino acid in the human body - is involved in many metabolic processes, including the synthesis and protection of muscle tissue, the production of glycogen, as well as immune support during periods of immune and muscular stress.

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Price: £26.59
Glucose Tolerance II

A formula designed to support glucose homeostasis. Provides Glucevia™, a patented extract from the seeds/fruits of European Ash (Fraxinus excelsior), which safely supports healthy blood sugar levels. The formula is enhanced with berberine, chromium, milk thistle, resveratrol, and biotin.

Pack Size:
Price: £72.25
Lo Han Sweet

Lo Han Guo Mogrosides are up to 250x sweeter than sugar. Xylitol is as sweet as sugar, having 40% less calories.

Pack Size: 80g powder (vegan)
Price: £18.70
Pancreas Beef Natural Glandular

Provides pancreas tissue. Properly prepared pancreas glandular substance contains amylase, protease, and lipase, as well as other digestive factors naturally occurring in the pancreas.

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Price: £17.75

Jarrow Formulas® trans-Pterostilbene as pTeroPure® is 99% pure pterostilbene. Pterostilbene is a naturally occurring, methylated form of resveratrol and has better uptake and metabolic stability in the body.

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Price: £40.20
Pancreas Lamb Natural Glandular

Provides pancreas tissue. Properly prepared pancreas glandular substance contains amylase, protease, and lipase, as well as other digestive factors naturally occurring in the pancreas.

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Price: £23.75
R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

Jarrow Formulas® Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (Bio-Enhanced® Na-RALA) is R-(+)-Alpha Lipoic Acid (RALA). It is heat and shelf stable and exhibits high bioavailability.

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Price: £40.20
Pancreas Pork Natural Glandular

Provides pancreas tissue. Properly prepared pancreas glandular substance contains amylase, protease, and lipase, as well as other digestive factors naturally occurring in the pancreas.

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Price: £23.70
Coffeegenic Green Coffee Extract

Blood sugar can surge to high levels following meals. Chlorogenic acid has been shown to inhibit excess activity of glucose-6-phosphatase, thus supporting healthy after-meal glucose levels. Neutralizing excess glucose-6-phosphatase is essential for most people to achieve optimal glucose control.

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Price: £40.25
Bio-Glycozyme Forte™

A broad-spectrum product designed to support normal, healthy glycemic function. Product provides vitamins, minerals and organ/glandular support specifically targeting glycemic health.

Pack Size: 270 Caps
Price: £67.73
European Milk Thistle

Milk thistle extract has long been valued for its role in ensuring healthy liver function, and it is also a powerful antioxidant.

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Price: £34.50
Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance supports healthy metabolism and normal blood sugar levels and may be helpful in maintaining weight control.

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Price: £14.85
Mega Benfotiamine

Benfotiamine, a fat-soluble form of vitamin B1 (thiamine), can easily penetrate into the inside of cells. It is also more bioavailable than the water-soluble thiamine. Overall, benfotiamine can activate glucose metabolism and promote healthy blood glucose levels in those already within normal range. Benfotiamine also helps maintain healthy endothelial function and supports the health of the nerves, kidneys, eyes, blood vessels, and heart.

Pack Size:
Price: £34.50
Body Balance (whey protein, CLA & chromium)

Body Balance is a unique nutrient combination which combines high quality whey protein with L-Carnitine, CLA and Chromium to contribute to normal nutrient metabolism and the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

Pack Size: 420g powder (vegetarian)
Price: £38.60
Benfotiamine 120's

Benfotiamine is a naturally-occurring form of thiamin (vitamin B1).

Pack Size:
Price: £31.55
Alpha Lipoic Acid 90's

Jarrow Formulas® Alpha Lipoic Acid is a unique lipid and water soluble antioxidant that is a cofactor in energy production, helping to regulate glucose metabolism.

Pack Size:
Price: £28.35
Bio-Gluco Control 60's

Bio-Gluco Control from Pharma Nord is the world's first double-action, natural solution for blood sugar management. Gluco Control combines Delphinol, a unique Chilean maqui berry extract, with a patented organic chromium yeast, ChromoPrecise, which helps to maintain normal circulating blood glucose levels.

Pack Size:
Price: £18.95
Chromium GTF 200mcg

Chromium GTF facilitates the transport of glucose into cells by insulin.

Pack Size:
Price: £16.79
Glucose Optimizer

Glucose Optimizer® is a comprehensive combination of ingredients that support healthy glucose levels and provide antioxidant protection.

Pack Size:
Price: £39.29